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PLANTAIN- Herbal Infusions

Variety of Oil Infusions: Rosemary, Plantian, Blend Mix, Peppermint Peppermint infusion: PLANTAIN COMMON NAME: Plantain LATIN NAME: Plantago major (LINN.) FAMILY: ┬áN.O. Plantaginaceae COMMON NAMES: Broad-leaved Plantain, Ripple Grass, Waybread, Slan-lus. Waybroad, Snakeweed, Cuckoo’s Bread, Englishman’s Foot, White Man’s Foot, (Anglo-Saxon) Weybroed. PROPERTIES: Refrigerant, diuretic, deobstruent and somewhat astringent, anti-inflammatory, vulnerary, and externally stimulant.… Continue reading PLANTAIN- Herbal Infusions