Sweet Cheeks Soap Company

Wynkoops Pumpkin Spice Beer Soap


I started off with 2 organic pie pumpkins.


The organic pie pumpkins were quartered and gutted (saved the seeds for later). Sprinkled the pumpkin with salt, covered with foil and placed in the over for an hour at 250 degrees. After that I added allspice, fresh nutmeg and cinnamon, covered with foil and baked for another 2 hours.Image

Once pumpkins were soft, removed peel and placed in bowl and mixed with the emulsion blender to a buttery consistency. Added more spices and blended again.


Mix all ingredients from recipe and proceeded to make soap. After soap base was poured into soap mold, it was sprinkled lightly with ground allspice.


Within 30 minutes the soap is almost at a full gel. You would not believe the heat coming from this soap.


I had to poke holes in the soap to release the intense heat otherwise it could explode.


The above picture shows the soap has totally gelled to the edges and starting to move back to the center. When cold process soap gels it always starts in the hottest part of the soap mold, the center. You always want the soap to reach the very outer edges of the soap. Once the soap starts to cool down, the gel will start to move back to the center and eventually disappears.  Sometimes when the soap is not allowed to gel to the very outer edges you will sometimes be left with a dark circle in center of the soap block.


As you can see the soap is cooling down nicely, the darkness indicates gel and the heat below the top skin of the soap. Soap edges are lightning up. It will take all night for this soap to be cool and firm enough to cut because it is such a large batch of soap. The batch size for this soap is 531 ounces, or 34 lbs.

Will post picture of cut soaps tomorrow.

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