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Star Thistle (above two pictures) and Sweet Clover (below pictures) are some of the main summer honey crops in our area. They bloom all summer long. Golden Rod (pictures below) is one of the main Fall honey crops. The honeybees bring this sweet nectar back to the hives and concentrate it into honey

Putting honey supers on in July involves a lot of carrying boxes around. Adding the supers will give the honeybees a lot of room for them to store honey in. This is the last supering that I do before we start to harvest the honey in Mid August. The colonies can become quite tall at this time of the year, sometimes I need an extra box or two to stand on to reach the top. Occasionally they can become unstable and when I return in the fall I find some that the wind has blown over. Sometimes there is 200 to 300 lbs. of surplus honey on some of these large colonies. They are not always that strong, if I can average 100 lbs per colony I figure I am having a good year.

To read more go to www.honeyflowfarm.com/beeproject/beeproject.htm

 Honeyflow Farm owners, Bill and Pat Schnute, located in sunny lower Michigan. Bill is a beekeeper- and also has a vineyard, visit the following links for recipes  >Honey Recipes  – Honey and Homebrewing –  Mead Making  for beekeeping supplies > Beekeeping Supplies & Equipment  or just to educate yourself on honey > The Honey Project – A Pictorial Story of Honey Candle Burning TipsFrom Flower to Flame  –  How a honeybee makes beeswax 

 Honeyflow Farm is one of the largest vineyard in Michigan!  They actually have 20  plus varieties of grapes for wine making. For recipes and information information on grapes, check out the following links > Grape Recipes  –  Jelly Making  – Home Winemaking  – Winemaking at Honeyflow Farm – Pictorial – The Grape Project – A Pictorial Story of a Grapevine Growing – Winemaking Supplies & Equipment – Winemaking Articles  – Sugar Conversion Chart  – Mead Making  –Brewers Corner  

This farms is so unique in that it is a vineyard, produces honey, makes mead, makes candles.. one of my favorite accounts that I make soap for. Soap ingredients include, rice bran oil, olive, coconut, palm, fair-trade unrefined shea butter, chamomile, honey– lots of honey… 

My dear friend and photographer, Teresa Archuleta-Sagel shot the  soap pictures below.
Thanks you TAS. Visit her beautiful website at www.tastouchsoaps.com
Wine and Honey
Wine and HoneyAlmond Oatmeal and Honey
Beekeepers Bar
Beekeepers Bar Lavender and Honey
Almond Oatmeal and Honey
Almond Oatmeal and Honey