Sweet Cheeks Soap Company


Pink Sugar soap is probably my all time favorite soap and it is my best seller hands down. The scent is reminiscent of the soft scent of cotton candy with a hint vanilla.Creamy Pink Sugar Soap Today I made a batch for an order, it is a little tricky to work with since the fragrance oil will turn the soap brown. Using titanium dioxide will help lighten it up to a light tan.

Here is my soap recipe for:

20 oz of rice bran oil, 10 oz of pomace oil, 17.8 oz of coconut oil, 15 oz of palm oil, 3.75 oz of apricot kernel, 1.9 oz of cocoa butter.  Colorant- blood red, titanium dioxide. Water was a chamomile tea infusion, lye.

There is no excelleration using pink sugar fragrance oil but it will turn a very dark brown unless titanium dioxide is used. 

I used the soapmaker calculator to create my recipe using a lye discount of 4% and an 8 1/2% water/tea discount.

If you would like to see other soaps, go to www.sweetcheeksco.com and click on the link “handmade soaps”.  No two batches of soap ever look exactly alike, you will notice this batch of pink sugar soap is different than the one pictured on my site. Once the soap cures it will look a little different but the scent will still be the same yummy scent. Update

The second batch I made today was scented with a fragrance oil called Energy and swirled with an orange soap base. Energy fragrance smells of a high energy of a combination of citrus oils, it reminds my of sunshine and citrus. Below is a picture of the cut soap in the mold ready to be unmolded.

Energy Soap
Energy Soap

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