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My Library of Herb Books

I love books! Herbal medicine and aromatherapy books, cookbooks, how to books, quilting books, soapmaking…

Below you will find a books in the herbal section of my little library. My favorite book to get ideas for recipes would be Jeanne’s Rose Herbal Body Book, published in 1976 is still a great resource. I sometimes use this book as a guide, using her recipe as a base and then build upon that for bath and body care formulas.  My friend, Jenn R., turned me on to this book, thanks Jenn R.

A book that is quick and easy to find information on herbs would be the, Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine. I like that each herb is dedicated to one page and has the same format for every herb including a photo. In addition to information on herbs, the books also has herbal remedies and how to make them.

You may wonder why so many books on the same subject, it is a good idea to double check with several resources. I do find this book to be trust worthy.




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