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Tamara Dawson owner of Tamarak Tree Soap

Tamara Dawson ~ Soapmaker Extraordinaire
Tamara Dawson ~ Soapmaker Extraordinaire

Tamara Dawson is a great friend and a great soapmaker. I love her soaps. Recently, we meet up and she gave me one of her newest creations-  a patchouli lime bar of soap called the “Green Eyed Lady”. While visiting, I asked Tamara when she started soapmaking and several other questions…

 How long ago did you start soapmaking?

I made my first soap in Nov 2006. I made a small batch of Ginger Lime and a small batch of Patchouli. I read everything I could find on the subject for about a year before I had the courage to start.

What is your preferred method- cp, hp or rt…

CP is my method of choice, mostly RT CP right now. About 1/2 of my soaps contain Goat Milk. I have made one batch of HP on purpose just to try it, but didn’t like the rough texture of the soap. A couple of seized CP batches turned into HP out of necessity.

What do you use for colorants?

For colorants, oxides and micas. Occasionally TD to lighten a batch.

Who do you currently sell to?

Currently I sell to co-workers and the goat milk people. They then sell to “Witches Brew”. I was selling to the salon in NE till I taught them how to make soap.  My sister has a hair salon in Kearney NE. She had several of my soaps on display, ones I had given her as gifts, and she gets asked all the time if they are for sale. I told her that if she wants to, I will send her some to sell. So another wholesale account may be in my future.

Best seller?

Best sellers, Oatmeal, Milk and Honey and a Peppermint Swirl I call “Cool Kisses”.

What other products do you make?

I made lotion with you and will be making some creams and salves soon. Made and sold lots of Bath Bombs last Christmas. I am also getting ready to make single use “Sugar Cube Scrubs”.

Anything else you would like to share?

Interesting tidbit:  My soap travels more than I do!  Currently I know of a bar in Italy and a bar of “Green Eyed Lady” in Ireland.  To order soaps you can email Tamara at tamaraktreesoap@aol.com
Tamara's patchouli-lime Green Eyed Lady Soap
Tamara’s patchouli-lime Green Eyed Lady Soap



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