Sweet Cheeks Soap Company

MGO – New and Improved Soap Formula

Mountain Girl Organics Lavender Lime Soap
MGO Lavender Lime Soap Bar (5.5 ozs)

Until we find a truly sustainable source for palm oil, we are omitting palm from our formulas. You can go to www.cspinet.org/palm to learn more about the current situation with this oil. While removing palm from the Mountain Girl Organics soap formula, we came up with an amazing recipe that produced an outstanding bar of soap. Our new recipe contains well over 50% organic extra virgin olive oil, along with plenty of organic coconut oil and unrefined shea butter.  This new soap is rich and conditioning (the lather is nice and bubbly), does it’s job in the cleaning department, and has a very easy rinse off.    It feels good, knowing there are other options (sometimes even better options) when a key ingredient is being over-harvested. To see all of MGO soaps go to http://www.mountaingirlorganics.com/handmadesoaps.htm

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